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Celcar Gaspar

My name is Celestino C. Gaspar
Nick name: Celcar Gaspar. I am a Music Composer-Producer and Performer born on 1970, in N'dalatando Cazengo, Kwanza-Norte province, R. of Angola.


I have done high school of health (Radiology) on 1992 and Music Education years later.
I have also done the second semester of Clinical Psychology at Catholic University of Angola.

I am an unsigned musician. Have got many unpublished Gospel music compositions, few of them are published and being performed on the internet (Broadjam, Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Palco Principal...), such as "Jesus is the way", "My Lord is around us", "Amado(a) em Jesus", "I dream" and others, to be reproduced of course.

The time never come back

I am thinking about the time...
...how it goes far away from us and things happen and happen
taking with him our dreams, desires and expectations; so, the time don't stop, it rises step
by step to the climax. Where there will not probably have desires, dreams or other things we seek in the past any more.
At that time all will be renewed and belong to God in Jesus Christ, He will be under control in your life too. Be happy!
Celcar Gaspar - July 6, 2019


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"Jesus loves you!"

Celcar Gaspar

"A Gospel Musician"


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Celcar Gaspar